1. Online Order : Add items to the Cart and fill in the Order Form. Then, submit your order in the online shop


2. Email / Whatsapp Order: Provide item number , order quantity, buyer name, telephone, email and delivery details (Recipient name, address and telephone number) via Email ( / Whatsapp (+852 9071 9183)


We will follow up and send you an "Order Notification" with the order details (e.g. Order Number, Item Details, Payment Method...etc.) in 24 hours after all order information is received. If you do not receive it, please contact us.


* Order Cut-off Time: 6pm everyday




1. 網上訂購: 把貨品加進「購物車」及完成「訂購表格」,然後送出


2. 電郵 / Whatsapp 訂購: 請透過電郵( / Whatsapp (+852 9071 9183) 提供貨品編號、訂購數量、買家名稱、電話號碼、電郵地址及送貨資料 (收貨人名稱、地址及電話號碼)


我們將會於24小時內跟進及收到所有訂購資料後發出「訂單收取通知」,內含訂單信息 (例如: 訂單編號、產品詳情、付款方式等) 。


*訂購截單時間: 每天下午6時



Our Online Shop requires you to provide necessary information in the Online Order Form before your order can be processed. On the following pictures you will find information about the steps you will have to undertake in order to purchase products online. We will follow up in 24 hours after all order information is received. If you do not receive it, please contact us.


- Add items to the shopping cart and confirm order

- Provide buyer and recipient's information and delivery address (If need delivery services)

- Select "Free pick up services" or "Pay delivery services"

- Check out

網上訂購需要客人在訂購表格提供必須的資料,才能進行訂購。請跟隨以下幾個簡單步驟完成訂訂購表格即可。我們將會於24小時內跟進 。


- 把貨品加進「購物車」及確認訂單

- 提供付款人, 收件人聯絡資料及送貨地址 (如需要送貨服務)

- 選擇「免費自取服務」或「收費送貨服務」

- 完成訂購表格




1. Domestic Bank Transfer / Online Banking Transfer 

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank code: 004
Beneficiary Account Number (IBAN): 142-083815-292
Beneficiary's Country and City: HONGKONG

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Beneficiary Account Number: 012-661-1-015426-1


Once payment is completed, send us the payment receipt (e.g. Bank Receipt), Order Number, Customer Name and Telephone Number by Whatsapp OR email. Once we receive the information, we will confirm and process your order immediately.

2. Credit Card via PayPal / Direct by PayPal 

        PayPal Account:


You DO NOT NEED to have a PayPal account, the payment can still be settled via PayPal with credit card. Once confirmed order, we will send Order Notification and PayPal Invoice to your email. Please settle the payment by following the payment instruction in the invoice.


1. 銀行現金入賬/轉賬/網上銀行轉賬

匯豐銀行 (HSBC)
銀行號碼: 004
賬戶號碼: 142-083815-292

賬戶號碼: 012-661-1-015426-1


存款後請連同付款憑單証明 (例如: 銀行收據或入賬証明)、訂單編號、客人姓名及聯絡電話,以Whatsapp或電郵通知我們,本店會回覆作實。一經確認付款,我們會立即處理您的訂單。

2. 信用咭 (經PayPal) /  直接使用PayPal

        PayPal Account:


DELIVERY 送貨服務及費用

  • Customers can choose Free Self-Pickup or Pay Delivery Service. If you would like to change from Free Self-Pickup to Pay Delivery Service or change the delivery address, please notify us 5 working days in advance for our arrangement.


  • For delivery charge, please refer to the "Delivery". 

  • For pay delivery, three delivery time slots are available: Before 1pm / 1pm - 6pm/ 6pm - 9pm during Monday to Saturday. The delivery time slot chosen will be accommodated with our best possible, yet it will subject to traffic situations. No specified delivery time, and no delivery services on Sunday or Public Holiday.

  • If you would like to reschedule / change delivery address / cancel the delivery, please notify us 5 working days in advance for our arrangement.

  • In case of bad weather conditions, serious flooding or blocked or closed roads, the deliveries may be delayed or suspended. We will contact the affected customer for rescheduling of delivery.

  • The delivery address must allow parking for delivery. 

  • A surcharge is applied when the delivery destination is distant, inaccessible by public transports or infrequently served. We will inform you if your destination requires a distant area surcharge.

  • 顧客可選擇「免費自取」或「收費送貨服務」。顧客確認訂單後,如需更改「免費自取」為以「收費送貨服務」收取貨品, 須於5個工作天前通知本店。

  • 一般「收費送貨服務」可自選送貨時段: 星期一至六下午1時前 / 下午1時至6時/ 下午6時至晚上9時。我們將在合理範圍內盡力於顧客所選之送遞時段送達貨品,但實際送達時間將視乎交通情況情況而定。但如因本店無法控制的原因導致送貨服務有任何延誤或未能送貨,本店概毋須承擔任何責任。暫時不設指定時間送貨,及星期日或公眾假期不設送貨服務。

  • 顧客在選擇送貨時段及確認送貨地址後,如需更改或取消, 須於5個工作天前通知本店。

  • 如遇上八號或以上颱風訊號或黑色暴雨警告,當日及翌日之送貨服務可能會延遲或取消,本店將聯絡顧客再作安排。

  • 收貨地址之街道必須容許貨車停泊。

  • 部分偏遠地區或未有公共交通工具直達之地方,顧客須繳付額外費用。




1. Diaper Cakes Orders 訂購尿片蛋糕


  • If one of the products in our Diaper Cake / Towel Cake is out of stock, we will replace the item with equal or higher value product(s).


  • The ribbons, gift boxes, packing baskets are for reference only. If out of stock, we will replace them with the closest color and packing materials with a higher value. 


  • For general packaging, all cakes come with ribbons and a paper bag. But the packaging materials, color & pattern may be varied due to stock issue, no prior notices. And paper bag may not be applicable for some of huge size cakes, We will handle case by case.


  • If customers selected Premium Packaging Box, other packaging included paper bag is not applicable.


  • 各款尿片蛋糕 / 毛巾蛋糕素材會因季節性或款式供貨週期而短缺, 如遇此情況, 本店會以同等或更高價格材料代替。


  • 所有圖片的包裝絲帶, 禮品盒, 花籃只供參考, 如遇缺貨, 本店會以最接近的顏色和更高價格的系列代替。


  • 一般蛋糕包裝均會配有絲帶和一個紙袋,但所有包裝品材質、顏色及花款會因存貨 量而改變,恕不另行通知。另外,少部分蛋糕尺寸較為巨大, 紙袋或不適用,需另行安排。


  • 如選購禮盒包裝,部分包裝品例如紙袋將不適用。


 2. All Inflatable Products(e.g. Balloon) 所有充氣類貨品 (例 : 氣球)


  • All inflatable products (e.g. Helium Balloons), we suggest you to pick up in the morning of event day, in order to have the best effect.


  • 所有充氣類貨品,例如氦氣球,由於貨品特質,於活動當天早上取貨為最好效果。 

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We can deliver your orders and diaper cakes in Hong Kong or for selected countries. Contact us for more details!


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