We used handmade dried Baby's Breath in the making of this wooden music box. It’s unique because no two flowers are identical. The music box is even more personalized thanks to customized wooden lettering. There are 3 different rotation way of the flower and text for selection: (1) All (Flower & Text) rotate, (2) Flower rotate only, the text is still or (3) Text rotate only, the flower is still. The symbolic meaning of Baby's Breath is everlasting love, pureness, and innocence. Send this special gift to someone you love because, with a gift like this, they're sure to love you back.

滿天星乾花音樂盒以天然的滿天星作為主花,小花束經乾人手乾燥處理。配上木製的音樂盒底座和文字,使音樂盒更顯獨特。音樂盒的主花和木製文字可以不同方式轉動,分別是:(1) 主花和文字一起轉動;(2) 主花自轉,文字靜止或 (3) 文字轉動,主花靜止。您可以從3種不同的轉動方式,選擇你喜愛的。滿天星花語是永恆的愛、純潔無瑕;把它送給你的摰愛及好友,讓她/他感受你的心意!

MELODY - Hanemade Flower Music Box 手造滿天星乾花音樂盒

Music 音樂
Color 顏色
Rotation 轉動方式
  • Flower: Dried Baby's Breath

    Size: 10.5 cm(D) x 21cm (H)


    Rotation Way of Music Box for selection

    (Choose 1 from 3) Click here for details and music demo


    (1) All (Flower & Text) rotate

    [Music: Canon in D]


    (2) Flower rotate only 

    [Music: City in the Sky]


    (3) Text rotate only 

    [Music: Always with Me]



    花種: 滿天星乾花

    尺寸: 10.5 cm(D) x 21cm (H)


    可選擇的音樂盒轉動方式 (3選1 ):



    (1) 主花和文字一起轉動

    [音樂: 卡濃]


    (2) 只有主花轉動

    [音樂: 天空之城]


    (3) 只有文字轉動

    [音樂: 千與千尋]


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