Have a Sweet Valentine's Day!

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                          迎接溫馨浪漫情人節 享受甜蜜優惠


COUNTDOWN TO VALENTINE'S DAY!! Love is in the air with this new Valentine's Day. So come and celebrate this Valentine with us. Make your Valentine’s Day Special by gifting him/her Romantic Valentine’s Gifts. Master B. Gift Shop presents a series of Valentine's day gift offers for your warm and hearty celebration with your loved ones. With purchase of unique real dandelion music box, you can enjoy a discount on selected handmade flowers gifts. The cut off date of presale is 3 Feb. SHOP NOW!

情人節在倒數中! 最近空氣中都瀰漫著粉紅色氛圍,戀人們想必是籌畫著這幸福洋溢的一天,希望為另一半準備最好的禮物!為迎接溫馨浪漫的情人節,Master B. Gift Shop 誠意地呈獻情人節甜蜜優惠,讓您跟摯愛的慶祝更溫馨窩心,一起來看看吧! 現凡訂購獨一無二的天然蒲公英音樂盒,即可以優惠價購買以下手造花藝物品,預售現巳開始,截單日期為2月3日。立即行動!

Note: Production Time: 5 to 7 working days

註: 製作時間: 5 至7 個工作天

Custom Text Services - 3D Wooden Letter Deco

個人化加字服務 - 3D木片字母

Special Offer 甜蜜優惠: FREE in Presale Period 優惠期內預訂可享免費

With a purchase of Dandelion Ball Music Box and special engraving service during the presale period, customers can enjoy a free offer - Customization service  of adding 3D wooden text.

現凡於預售期間訂購蒲公英音樂盒及加配刻字服務 (可加上心思字句或名字),可獲免費加配「個人化3D木字母」服務 。

Handmade Soap Rose Bouquet


Special Price 甜蜜優惠價: $ 298 (Orginal 原僄: $388)

Flowers speak louder than words! The best way to say "I love you" is with a bouquet of romantic flowers. Every day is Valentine's Day to spoil your sweetheart! With our special handmade soap rose bouquet, make the happiness and sweetness last longer!

美麗的花束比言語更響亮! 最好的方法跟她說聲「我愛您」就是送上動人的花束。讓親愛的每天都沈醉在甜蜜中,天天都是情人節! 我們的手作肥皂玫瑰花束,不但精緻特別,而且能延長那份浪漫的喜悅!

Wooden Jewelry Box Flowers


Special Price 甜蜜優惠價: From $ 158起

Every day is Valentine's Day to spoil your sweetheart! With our special handmade soap box flowers, make the happiness and sweetness last longer! The whole flower layer of the Jewelry Box can be taken out and the box is very practice for keeping every memorable piece.

讓親愛的每天都沈醉在甜蜜中,天天都是情人節! 送上我們動人的手作肥皂花盒,不但特別和滿載心思,而且能延長那份浪漫的喜悅! 花盒中的肥皂花層可整個拿起,讓花盒化身實用精緻的首飾盒子為你們保存心愛的東西。

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